Cockroaches are long-legged, flattened insects of the family Blattidae, order ORTHOPTERA, common in tropical climates but numerous indoors even in temperate and sub-Arctic zones.The common cockroach pests are the American, Oriental, Australian, German, Asian, and brown-banded cockroaches. They have spread throughout most of the world as a by-product of commerce, being carried in ships, wagons, trucks, and airplanes. All the pest species are scavengers, feeding on garbage, dead insects, or human food, which they contaminate with their excrement.


Ants are no doubt the most successful of all the social insects of the HYMENOPTERA, an order that also includes the social WASPS and BEES. Ants are colony makers and have inhabited the warmer environments of the Earth for at least 100 million years. Their numbers are prodigious: it has been estimated that at any one time there are at least 1 quadrillion living ants on the Earth--a number so large that it is almost meaningless. These individuals are members of some 5,000, or perhaps as many as 10,000, species.

Bed Bugs

The bed bug, otherwise known as 'red coats or 'chinches' are wingless insects which are flattened from top to bottom. They can be found throughout the world, normally inhabiting cracks and crevices in the bed and floor, only emerging at night to feed. Their primary source of food is human blood which they obtain by piercing the skin with a long beak and sucking the blood out. The female bed bug will lay up to 200 eggs which will begin feeding as soon as they hatch. Because bed bugs can live in bird nests, houses with bird nests in the eaves or on the roof will often be prone to infestation.



The flea is any wingless, bloodsucking insect of the order Siphonaptera that parasitizes warm-blooded animals.A few species of fleas are inactive and remain attached to their hosts for long periods. Chigoes infest feet and toes of persons who walk barefoot in tropical and subtropical regions, causing painful swelling and infection. Sticktights cause serious damage to domestic poultry. Chickens and turkeys may have hundreds of sticktights attached to their head, causing irritation, weight loss, and blindness.The Oriental rat flea is the primary transmitter of Yersinia pestis, the bacterium that causes bubonic plague.


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