The Farco® Rapid Kill® range of insecticides and rodenticides are formulated in the UK to the highest international standards. All formulations are under constant review to ensure efficacy and reduce the chances of target species becoming resistant.

With outbreaks of Zika, Chikungunya (CHIKV), and Dengue viruses threatening the wellbeing of families in many parts of the world Farco® Rapid Kill® aerosol insecticide has a proven 100% kill rate against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is the carrier of these and many other life threatening diseases.

Farco® Insecticide Powder comes in a unique “puffer pack” which enables the product to be “puffed” into cracks and crevices, under stoves, refrigerators etc where cockroaches and ants hide. In recent years bed bugs have been a growing problem with well documented cases of major hotels having to close for treatment. When applied as directed the Farco® Insecticide Powder will help to eradicate these problems in the home.

In many parts of the world rats and mice are a major problem. With the growth of fast food outlets the amount of food waste being dumped by customers gives rats a ready source of food. When there is abundant food rats can have 5 litters a year with an average of 7 pups. 5 weeks after birth a female rat is ready to breed. Farco® Rat Baits are formulated to be extremely palatable to rats and to be 100% effective when used as directed.



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