Mosquitoes are small, two-winged flies. The adult female mosquitoes can cause great annoyance and discomfort to humans and many other animals because they feed on blood. As a result of this mosquitoes serve as carriers of diseases such as zika, chikungunya (CHIKV), malaria, filariasis, dog heartworm, arboviral encephalitis, yellow fever, and dengue.


Fly is the common name for insects of the order Diptera.Many flies are either harmful as carriers of disease or nuisances because they are voracious biters or bloodsuckers. In Latin America, Africa, and India, blowflies and houseflies are especially abundant; they shuttle between foeces and human food, carrying the agents of cholera, diarrheal disease, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Some species prefer the eye and transfer the microbes of pinkeye, conjunctivitis, and trachoma from diseased to healthy eyes; others spread yaws, a skin disease, when they feed on cuts and sores.


Although there are varying definitions, the term wasp generally refers to the stinging members of the suborder Apocrita, order Hymenoptera, excluding the bees and ants.

In predaceous wasps the female ovipositor is modified as a sting and does not function as an egg-laying tool. The sting is used for defense and for subduing other insects, which are gathered as food for their young. These wasps usually build a nest of mud or plant material or excavate a nest in soil, crevices, or plant stems


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